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The Insull Collection

Performed Under Royal Command

Featuring "The Act of Ernest and April Castro"

The Museum's collection of figures includes the full act of of renowned ventriloquist /conjuror Ernest Castro and his wife April who performed on multiple occasions for: The BBC, The Royal Family, Winston Churchill, John Lennon

featured in detail in the book

The Collection

Featuring Super Rare mechanical figures, store displays, novelty figures, 

Ancient to contemporary

Once the dust has settled from the Louvre’s Leonardo show, visitors will be able to turn their sights onto a new exhibition of Italian masterworks, assembled in collaboration with the Castello Sforzesco museum in Milan. The exhibition is a sequel, of sorts, to the 2013 show “Springtime in the Renaissance,” which outlined the genesis of arguably the most important sculptural period of the last 1,000 years.

The show will be more triumphant than its predecessor, with an emphasis on sculptures that highlight bodily movement and contortions and others that demonstrate sculptors’ ability to evoke heightened emotion. It might not get the crowds that the Mona Lisa does, but that means you’ll be left alone with one of the most interesting exhibitions in recent memory.